Whistle Stop

I’m just settling in to a relaxing weekend after a whirlwind of travel over the past week. My travels started off in Wales, running my first ever Ascent program. The event lasted until late Sunday afternoon and culminated in a climb to the top of Mount Snowdon. I couldn’t believe it was mid July, especially since we were greeted with hail stones at the summit. The event was highly successful and I look forward to running more. We have two more planned for the year, both running in September.

I came home Sunday night, unpacked and repacked and then flew to Scotland early Monday morning to do run a training event in the lovely city of Edinburgh for three days.

Back on a plane Wednesday afternoon. Flew home, unpacked and the repacked, and drove up north to Sheffield on Thursday to run a teambuilding day for the MSC. The event finished up on late Friday afteernoon, again another success. I drove home, fighting the rush hour traffic all the way. And what was becoming a familiar theme, I unpacked and repacked, eat a quick bite, and the hoped in the car to drive down to Bristol to meet back up with the family who were all converging from different points of the globe at grandma’s house.

Well, I’ll have a few days rest, a light work week, and then off to France for a long awaited holiday.

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