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And nothing even blew up!

America’s digital goddess has been around since the beginning of the personal computer revolution. Her she is in 1990s explaining what a computer is. I know, hard to imagine a time without a computer!

By the way America’s digital goddess aka Kim Kamando is still at. She host a radio show about tech. She has some classic lines in this video:

“What happens when you press the wrong button? Does it blow up?”

“That’s how simple DOS is. It’s like house cleaning”

“This is called pointing. There’s also click”

“We’re going to use the clock program now”

“It’s not tough to use a computer. And nothing even blew up!”

Gotta love it.

h/t @gizmodo 

Getting back into the game

In anticipation of the video-making I’ll be doing in the near future with my learning design work, I thought I’d best brush off my video editing skills. I don’t make as many videos these days, just the occasional one or two. But now I’m anticipating a lot of video work coming up so best be getting back into the spirit of it.

The title also refers to the fact that Sarah and I bringing the Havana Cafe Sessions Podcast out of hiatus. So yeah, getting back into that game too.

Listen carefully

Skwerl is an amazing short by London filmmaking duo Brian and Karl. Filmed in 2011, Skwerl was Brian and Karl’s first film. It features a couple having what sounds at first like a normal conversation in English…

But it isn’t. It’s a brief experience of what English sounds like to non-English speakers and the dissonance it creates as you try to pick out words is a little unsettling.

Ht/ aplus

Never quit, right?

At least that’s how I was raised. My mom didn’t care if I tried and failed, but she we go mad if I gave up and quit. There were lots of things I did when I was younger that I absolutely hated and probably would have been better off to quit and use my time doing something else instead of wasting my time doing something that I hated or just wasn’t for me.  But I soldiered on because mom said, “Never quit!”

The army picked up where my mom left off. The army trained me to never quit. Do or die, but never quit!. I even carried this picture around with me to remind me to never quit.


While that is a great attitude, it has consequences.

Not knowing when to quit is sometimes worse than quitting. The trouble is we don’t have a clear set of criteria to help us make the decision to quit or not.

Here’s a simple model you can use:

If it’s important to you, do it. If you don’t know how to do it, get help. There’s plenty of it out there.

If it’s not important to you, stop doing it. Why waste another precious moment doing something that’s not important to you.

The real wisdom, of course, resides in knowing what is important to you and what is not. For that, you’ll need to rely on your values. If you’re not clear on what your values are then start there first.  Try Bill George’s True North Questionnaire to get you started or scan this list of values to see which resonate with you.


True North Questionnaire

Core values list

For alternative take on values and the one I’ve used the most in the past is Martin Seligman‘s Authentic Happiness.  He talks about playing to your signature strengths which are derived from what the Greek’s called Virtues.