blogging like it’s 2024

blogging like it's 2024

Hi, I'm Clay Lowe aka Soulcruzer 👋

I’m based in Leamington Spa. I work as an independent training consultant and future of learning strategist.

Welcome to my digital scratchpad.


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Hi I’m Clay Lowe. I’m a Digital Alchemist and Future of Learning Strategist with an insatiable appetite for information and knowledge (hence the “Infovore” moniker). I’m passionate about using AI and other emerging technologies to create more engaging, effective, and personalised learning experiences.


the spark

Are you a hero or a villain in this self-made play we call life? I know this question is like a barbed hook tearing at your insides. Let’s twist it some more. What if you acted like the whole world depended on your actions? Every comment a tremor felt across every continent. Each of your decisions is like a boulder tossed into a stagnant pond. Ripples distorting the future you can’t see. Your words morph into weapons, their impact echoing in the hollowness of your skull long after you’ve spoken them. The potential for destruction becomes a constant shadow at

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The Relaxed Rebel’s Manifesto

I’ve been diving back into the comforting pages of Lin Yutang’s The Importance of Living and the timeless writings of Epicurus. It’s like reconnecting with old friends who remind me of life’s most essential truths. Both of these wise souls gently urge us to: Their combined wisdom whispers to my heart, urging me to embrace a simpler, less materialistic life that brings me closer to true contentment. I started tinkering with their ideas and mixed in some Gen X slacker culture to produce the Relaxed Rebel’s Manifesto. It goes something like this: The Relaxed Rebel’s Manifesto We believe in the

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I’m all for creating a new myth of the webmaster

You know, for a guy who claims to hate labels and being labelled, I spend an awful lot of time conjuring up new labels for myself. As much as I hate labels, I know they are necessary because that’s how humans relate to each other—identify, clarify, and classify is their default setting. But the danger with labels is that they come with preconceived notions and emotional baggage. The label carries its own meaning, separate from the person wearing it. I’ve been rummaging through some of my old labels, looking for inspiration. Webmaster, of all things, came to mind. Remember the

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Who am I, really? Unpacking the suitcase of the soul

I’d love to make a positive impact on the world, but I’m uncertain about the best path forward. So I’ll start with the big question: Who am I, really? Am I, at my core, a spiritual being temporarily inhabiting this physical form known as Clay Lowe? Or am I Clay Lowe, the individual, a complex blend of psyche and intellect? My quest is to bridge these two aspects of myself—to unite my mind and soul in harmonious collaboration to ensure neither overshadows the other. This is the path of individuation that Jung spoke of—the journey to wholeness, to integrating all

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Lost and Found on the Highway of Existence

There I was staring deep into the endless abyss of the existential mirror, the kind that doesn’t just bounce back your ragged face but throws your very soul into sharp relief against the vast, indifferent universe. That line, “In the mirror of existential thought, you can find yourself again if you become lost,” hit me like a freight train running full tilt through the fog of my own aimless wandering. It was a beacon, a wild, howling call through the night that promised not just answers but a journey. I remember those days, lost in the cacophony of life’s endless

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Exploring the Spiritual Depths of March and the Psychedelic Experience

I came across this thought-provoking post from Rev (Dr.) Cynthia Ramirez Lindenmeyer about the spiritual depth of March, particularly Holy Week. In her post, she reimagines this time through the lens of psychedelic experiences, which presents an unconventional fusion of tradition and transcendence. What I love about this post is that it doesn’t just take a literal interpretation of religious texts. Instead, it proposes a metaphorical understanding of resurrection as a journey beyond existential boundaries. Rev Lindenmeyer: “Envision embarking on a sacred odyssey under the early morning glow of a lunar eclipse, commencing Holy Week with an openness to the

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In Search of Pure Being

To reach a state of pure Being, to manifest it in your life, would be a profound transformation. It’s difficult to fully grasp from our current perspective, as it transcends the limitations and constructs of the mind and ego. Pure Being is not merely serenity or peace of mind, though those may be reflections of it. It is the very essence of existence itself, prior to all forms, thoughts, and identities. It is the eternal, unchanging, and infinite consciousness that underlies and pervades all things. If you were to awaken to and embody pure Being, your life would likely take

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The Dance of Wisdom and Youthfulness

In the world of Jungian psychology, the concepts of the “senex” and “puer” archetypes have captured the attention of many. These archetypes, identified by renowned psychologist Carl Jung, represent two contrasting aspects of the human psyche. Understanding these archetypes and how they manifest in our lives can help us achieve a more balanced and integrated personality. The Wise Old Man: The Senex Archetype The senex archetype, derived from the Latin word for “old man,” embodies qualities such as wisdom, experience, structure, and authority. This archetype represents the part of our psyche that values tradition, order, and stability. When we tap

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