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The soulcruzer podcast is a podcast of personal narratives, stories, observations, found sounds, and conversations with interesting people. Topics include: personal development, self-improvement, wisdom, philosophy, health and wellbeing, social artistry, social tech, and the general game of life.

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The past is a memory and the future never arrives. So what does that leave you with?

It's all about the questions we ask ourselves and how honest we are in answering them.

Is it possible to be radically honest with yourself or does the 'Self's' defense mechanisms kick in to prevent you from crossing the line into radical truth? #audio365

Remember when Coolio did a gig in Preston, ran into a group of random students outside afterwards and went back to their place, where he made Caprese Salad, Chicken á la Daaaamn and Peach Crumble, and they jammed Gangster's Paradise. What a guy.

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Are you caring about the wrong things?

Sam Harris on the meaning of life What is the reality of your present moment? What Sam Harris does in this video is to get you to rethink the quality of your attention in the present moment so that when you get to the end of this finite life of

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What we believe we believe

I’ve had this thought about identity. We believe we know who we are, but then there is the ‘who’ we really are, which I gather is the point of meditation and spiritual practice – to discover who we really are. I often lack the patience to figure it out. That’s

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Another trip around the sun

So Coolio passed away today. He was only 59 years old.  That’s only 5 years older than me. My reaction to that is damn, I could go at any time, so I best live as though my days are numbered because they are.  This is it. This is my life,

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[Audio] On Finding the Lost Spirit of the Web

I stumbled upon a few websites that if you are a nostalgic Generation Xer like me, you’ll love!! They are reminiscent of the weird and wonderful spaces that were spawned in places like Geocities and Livejournal. Here are the links I mention in the episode: NeocitiesStatus CafeDeadjournal Here’s my Status

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This is what I miss about the old Internet, individual flare, and creativity, like this ASCII comic from Michelle. You have to duck and dodge the algorithms and echo chambers if you want to find good stuff like this. I found this on Neocities. If you haven’t heard of Neocities,

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