I think i might have this figured out

With all of the turmoil going on in the social media landscape, I’ve been trying to get my blogging game back in shape. I’ve been debating whether to blow the dust off this site and return to OG blogging here. In the meantime, I’ve mainly been microblogging and navigating the volatile waters of social media, specifically Twitter/X, Mastodon, BSky Social, and most recently, Pebble. Not to mention Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn!

I decided to tap back into the IndieWeb ethos of blogging on your own site, then syndicating outward. I ought to map it out, but it’s already late and I have an early flight to London tomorrow, so for now my blogging strategy is:

Of course, I’m still active on social media for networking, meeting new people, and keeping up with current events. But I want to reprioritise publishing content on my own sites.

OK, that’s the update out of the way.

I also want to share this mind map for the workshop I’m facilitating tomorrow in London. It’s module 2 of a two-part program on values and service. It’s been a month since I last saw the group. I’m curious to see what changes they’ve made in integrating their values into their lives and work.

I managed to get some time out in nature today. I’m amazed at how quickly the weather has changed. Last week, I did this same walk wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Today, I bundled up in a wooly hat, puffy vest, and long trousers. Winter is definitely letting us know it’s just around the corner!

Being out in nature energises me and helps me reflect. The changing seasons are a good reminder that nothing stays the same. We have to appreciate the beauty around us while we can.

Are you joining the 1% and getting out in nature daily?

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