Voices of Resilience

I’m super excited about a new project I’m working on in collaboration with Na’amal. In 2023, we’re launching a podcast called “Voices of Resilience.”


The number of people who have been forcibly displaced continues to increase alarmingly; in 2022, the UNHCR reported more than 100 million. However, when we hear about the refugee crisis, we are often given statistics and numbers. Yet every individual has an inspiring story that is often forgotten. Similar to the storytelling sessions at the Migration Summit 2022, we aim to humanise these statistics by amplifying the voices of some incredible individuals who have overcome obstacles far beyond our imagination.

The aim of this podcast is to share the journeys of some incredible individuals striving for the dignified life they deserve. Given that education and employment are often a pivotal part of the road to a financially stable, dignified life, this podcast will share insight into their journeys, with a focus on their education paths and livelihoods.

In this podcast, we hope to contribute to the shift in the narrative of refugees across the world and encourage stakeholders and listeners alike to take action. We do not want the label of refugee to define these individuals as powerless victims; instead, we intend to portray them as the determined individuals that they are, with full agency to succeed in any way they desire, given the right resources.

Listen to the trailer episode, and please help us help these voices get heard by liking, sharing, and subscribing to the podcast.


You can subscribe to the podcast here.

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