a long way from being a grandmaster

Well, it appears to be that time of the year when all of the year-in-review stuff starts to come out. Yesterday, I shared with you my music year-in-review. Today, let me share with you my chess year-in-review.

Yes chess!

I played a lot of chess when I was in high school. I was even in the chess club. Yes I was a geek. But I was also a jock and a scholar. I tell people i was a non-affiliated teen. I had friends in all of the tribes. I had my geek friends who I played chess and dungeons and dragons with and collected comics and stamps. I had my jock friends who I played football, basketball, wrestling, and track and field with. I was also on the rifle team. I had my brainiac friends who took their studies seriously. I graduated number two in my high school. While I did have lots of friends in all of these groups, I was quite the lone wolf. I walked among them, but was not one of them. To the people who knew me, I was “a riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma” (Winston Churchill said that).

After high school, I continued to play chess, but not that often. Until finally, I didn’t play at all. I got back into when I joined www.chess.com in 2011. I played for bit and then stopped again. But this year, I started playing again. Not a whole lot, but enough. Oh, if you do fancy a game, use this link to connect with me on chess.com (I’m soulcruzer there as well if you just want to look me up).

Alright, so here are my chess stats for 2022.

I know 19 games isn’t a heck of whole lot, but it’s better than zero. I hope to play even more next year. I do have a chess game in VR which is pretty neat, so that will encourage to play more.

Again, if you want to play, here’s the my link.

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