Clearing Your Head in Two Dimensions

If you want to get to where you’re going and you want to get there fast, then having a strong sense of clarity is a must, my friend. Without clarity, you might eventually get to where you want to go, it just might take you an extra-long time to get there.

Shout out to DR Raman K Attri for providing the inspiration for this cast. You can check out his post Addicted to Success.

I’ve been shuffling about in creative neutral these past couple of months, consolidating my thinking, figuring out what feels right to carry forward into 2022! What? 2022?! Yeah, that’s right, I’m already thinking about the gig for next year. I like to start early so I can hit the ground running at the start of the year.

I mention starting up Wisdom Radio podcast, but on reflection, I think I’ll just keep things simple and podcast from here – soulcruzer.

Anyway, thanks for listening and sharing the podcast with your network, much appreciated.

Peace and love to you.

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