80s Crushes

I ventured out into the post-pandemic world yesterday. There were a few walkers around, but not many. Someone a few cubicles over from me kept coughing. Once upon a time, they would have been tarred and feathered and tossed out into the street.

But now, with the vaccine pumping through most people’s veins, everybody in the office was pretty chilled about it. No need to panic. Carry on.

Anyway, last night on the show we tumbled down an 80s rabbit hole after I asked the question, “Who were your 80s crushes?” That chat room lit up. The names came pouring in, so much so I had to call an audible and throw out the original playlist and ad-lib the rest of the show!

This is what the Room came up with:

To get the full on 80s experience, I had to go dig around Youtube and pull up the videos to some of the songs.

1. Nasty Girl – Vanity 6 (my number one crush)

2. Some Kind of Lover – Jody Watley

3. Opposites Attract

4. Since I Fell for You

5. The Glorious Life

6. Like A Virgin


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