Try All You Want #25: Where’s the oil at?

This week, Suge Knight ’96, creatine, Coach Clay evolution, potential merch held up over oil dispute and image rights, and a fair bit of loud music from your hosts, the EXTROVERT Clay Lowe and the introvert Daniel Ruiz Tizon.

Hello Good People,

Happy Friday! Are you ready for the weekend? I sure am. I’m all jabbed up and ready to go out into the world again and bring some semblance of normality back to my life.

We had a blast last night on the Try All You Want show. @TomAZO11 was in good form with his cheeky comments in the chat. He has a thing for oil that’s kind of scary!

Our lady @MsMendosa brought her sister along and forced @DanielRuizTizonisAvailable to listen to some good rock music with classics from Rush and Ozzy Osborne.

@F5Hoodie ever the voice of reason, dropped some Lynyrd Skynyrd into the mix.

Other notables in chat last night: @HATMANJUSTWEARSAHAT graced us with his presence for a little while, @HitThePost shared his claim to fame about the time he almost bought Lou Gramm’s house with its 30 TVs. @Boydie71 kept it chilled and @SourcesSay stopped by to say hi.

That’s all, for now, folks, have a fantastic weekend.

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