you have to know what you’re doing, otherwise, it’s just words

My body hasn’t adjusted to the changing of the clocks.

The good news is I can get more done. The bad news is, I’m completely spent by the end of the day. It’s been affecting my watching of Lucifer (I pity the fool who interferes with Lucifer!).

Messages I brought back with me from dreamland:

  • Don’t be afraid of living.
  • Living in this crude matter called a body is something we have to accept as it is. Real-life is experienced in the mind, and the immortal soul transcends even that.

Out of lockdown! Yippee-ki-ya!

At least for now.

I wasted no time meeting up with my wisdom buddy, Sarah, for a meander through the Southam countryside something we’ve been doing between lockdown periods. It’s an opportunity to catch up and philosophize about life as creatives and all the ups and downs that entails. We chin-wag about domestic stuff too, as well as business.

This walk was extra special because it might well be our last walk together for a long while because Sarah is moving up to the sticks of Scotland as soon as her house sells.

Sarah is a full-time mediation teacher. I took a pause in our walk to ask her about meditation and what it means to her and to understand a little bit about her philosophy on teaching meditation.

I liked what she had to say about meditation, especial here definition of it:

Meditation is making your mind your friend rather than your master controlling you.

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