Still working on the groove

I didn’t blog as much as wanted to this week. My notebook is full of scribbles, but I haven’t digested them yet. Nor I have I edited all of the photos, but here a few from mu Batsford walk and my wanderings around the paths that lead out from my town.

Friday, 3 July 2020

Worked all morning. Went for a bike ride in the rain, I was desperate for motion and I haven’t been on my bike for several days now because of the rain. Cycling is definitely much more fun in the sun.

At lunch, I heard a loud crash downstairs, like something had fallen off a shelf. My immediate thought was, we must have left a window open and the wind knocked something off of the windowsill. I needed another coffee anyway so I went downstairs to investigate.

It turns out, Shika (our pet tortoise) has figured out how to climb out of her enclosure. Who knew tortoises could climb!

I’ve been dipping in and out of Paul Zweig’s biography of Walt Whitman: The Making of a Poet. I’m also bouncing back and forth from Ordinary Genius: A Guide for the Poet Within, by Kim Addonizio (whom I have a huge crush on), and drinking from the river of light: the life of expression, by Mark Nepo. Collectively, these are entertaining my current mood.

Watched Hamiliton on the Disney Channel with the family. Watching the film of a play is odd. You definitely have to watch Hamiliton in the theatre if you haven’t seen it already. If fact, I would say, save the experience for live and only watch the recorded version if you’ve seen it performed on the stage in person.


I think that catches me up for now.

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