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Look at me, I’m Gordon Gekko

Being everywhere at once is an appropriated style I adopted from the speed freaks of the Gordon Gekko generation. Everybody wants everything at once. I don’t have time, they chant. I’m busy, they say. Busy doing what? Everybody’s busy. Everybody is busy being busy. And if you’re not busy, you’re wasting time. Shame on you. You lazy beast. Sitting idle watching the wheels go round and round. They make wasting time a crime when, in fact, being busy should be the crime. You’re going to busy yourself into an early grave and then you’ll have time. You’ll have plenty of time to smell the roses they lay at your feet. You’ll even have time to listen to the words they pray. And if they’re too busy to come talk to you now, with you lying flat on your back, be patient, they’ll be with you soon enough, then you can spend eternity together watching the sunset and listening to the moon. Oh, You’ll have plenty of time to do nothing then, except live.


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