Noticing. I noticed the cacophony of sounds coming through my bathroom window in the wee hours of the morning. I couldn’t resist stumbling out into the pre-dawn to see what all of the fuss was about. The romanticist in me would like to say the fuss over the low hanging full moon in the dark morning sky and the way the patterned clouds slightly obscured the moon’s presence. I stood there for a while to take it all in. There was this one little bird (not on my doorstep) but on my neighbor’s TV aerial who singing his/her little heart out. A symbol of hope to fight back the dispair lurking in the shadows of my mind.

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time on Zoom. I had a couple of meetings in the morning. I delivered a virtual workshop on using LinkedIn and Twitter to grow social presence as a business person looking for new clients. The afternoon was a carbon copy of the morning. One of Zoom calls in the afternoon was with Naomi. We’re contemplating starting a new podcast together. I want to make sure that it makes sense given all of the other stuff I’m into – this blog,  the coachclay community site and blog, the coach’s notes, the coach’s notes podcast, the radio show, the e-learning platform, and not to mention, my new itch to do something purely creative like write interactive fiction. A known fault of mine is that I like to have a lot of things on the go, which probably means I don’t do justice to any one thing. We agreed to let the idea percollate over the next couple of weeks.

We watched the latest episode of Better Call Saul on Netflix. I’ve enjoyed watching Jimmy McGill transform into Saul Goodman over the past 5 seasons. In season 5 Saul gets deeper and deep into the criminal world. The two Mexican Twins made an appearance last night. Two pretty cool characters from Breaking Bad.

I was desperate to create something all day, so I started a new drawing. I haven’t drawn anything for a while.

I feel the day calling. On the docket today I’m recording a podcast episode for a client, a couple of virtual coffee meetings, recording an interview segment for the radio show, and editing a few podcast episodes that have been waiting for my attention for a few days now.


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