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The world upside down and on fire

Things continue to intensify here in the UK as Boris Johnson outlined the government’s recommended course for its citizens. Social distancing is highly encouraged to include working from home where possible, no non-essential travel, no pubs, and clubs, or restaurants.

I found myself musing about living through a crisis of this magnitude and how surrealistic it all seems as you realise how vulnerable the human being is. This virus is more deadly than most people give it credit.

I found this episode of The Daily to be particularly interesting. If you want to get some good tips on living with the coronavirus, this is the one to listen to.

My biggest worry in all of this is not the virus, but the economic fallout from the drastic measures we’re all having to take to get through this.

This meme has been floating around recently. Basically it’s a welcome to 2020 meme. Look at all the junk that’s happened in the 1st 3 months of this year:

I think I’ll spend one more day out before I retreat into my cave for a while, try and ride some of this Covid-19 nastiness out.



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