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It’s been a long old slog of a day, so much so that it feels like tomorrow should be Thursday. I’ve crammed so much into the last couple of days, I’m sure I must have somehow squeezed in an extra day. But anyway, I’m sure that’s the story of everyone’s life these days. My mind has been racing with thoughts of the future and where I want to evolve to next with my career. I think I’ve found a really nice sweet spot that will allow me to combine several of the things I love doing. And it’s still in the learning and development world so that’s a bonus. It’s called learning experience design. And these two diagrams show all the elements learning experience design, or LxD, brings together for me:

And this one:

Through on top of this the revolution in workplace learning to move from formal classroom based training to in the flow of work solutions. Although, I have to admin, many of the company I work for still cling to the old model (which still has a place in my book, but should’n’t be the first port call).


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