Reason for being

I blow hot and cold when it comes to the idea of having one true purpose in a life. Sometimes I think we all have an individual purpose that we must discover and once we discover it would can truly reach our potential and be happy, if not content. Other times, I completely fall inline with the existentialist and realise that we have no ordained purpose and that life is ultimately meaningless. And that it’s up to each individual make their own meaning.

Today, I’m interested in the Japanese take on this with their concept called Ikigai, which means “a reason for being.” “ikigai” is usually used to indicate the source of value in your life or the things that makes your life worthwhile. The English translation means the “the thing you live for.”

Ikigai is meant to be the key to true happiness, at least according to the Japanese. It breaks down like this:

My plan this week is to see if I can identify my ikigai. Here’s the diagram if you want to try it out too:

If were to venture to say where I feel I am in the diagram right now, it would be in the ‘delight and fullness, but no wealth.’ So what needs to happen for me to shift that? I’ll put this question in the percolator and see whar comes out.

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