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I hope…

Write 10 lines, each starting with the words, I hope…

I hope the Zombie Apocalypse starts soon; humanity needs saving.
I hope tomorrow is a better day than today.
I hope my knee gets better.
I hope someday to see my name 10 feet high and luminous green.
I hope the political arena on both sides of the pond settles down again to something of some semblance of order.
I hope I’m not stuck in a Glory Days scenario.
I hope (and I know I probably shouldn’t say this) I die before I get too old.
I hope someday I get what I truly want (which is what, I hear you ask).
I hope I never run out of good coffee.
I hope one day this will all make sense.

Your turn. Write an ‘I hope…’ post on your blog and tag me in it.


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