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Ah just like the old days

I love the momentum that’s being regained by the personal blogging genre.

I’m working on forming new habits with the Internet. The last couple of day i’ve spent the majority of my day re-wiring my blog to IndieWeb standards, which has meant a lot of reading about the IndieWeb and exploring other IndieWeb writer’s blogs.

I’ve also been tinkering under the hood of my site and inevitably it crashed – twice! Ah! Just like the old days of the web when you’d spend hours trying to figure things out and experiment and have those experiments fail and then hopping on the forums to try and source an answer. It’s also been nice to write in a more relaxed manner without worry about whether or not what I am writing conforms to some marketing standard. I can let my blog be an extension of me – a place where I can share little pieces of the world through my eyes.

I felt like capping off the evening with something 80s. I need an 80s movie fest. In fact, time for a little Beverly Hills Cop, one of Eddie’s best movies in miy opinion.


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