The place is a mess

Well the house officially looks like a disaster area. We had to empty of bedroom to make space for our ne wardrobe to be fitted. It’s crazy how much stuff we have crammed in our room. Well all that stuff is now spread out all over the house. The only room that doesn’t have anything in it from our bedroom is the kitchen!

In amongst all of this, I’ve been redoing my blog to be inline with IndieWeb specs. That entailed changing the theme and using Elementor to design the right look. I’ll still have quite a bit of tinkering to do get it right. In fact, my ISP locked my into of my account when I triend to use Quill to try posting to the site outside of using the WordPress editor.

The endgame is to make my blog the central hub to all of my comings and goings on the web. It’s been a long time coming getting back into personal blogging and participating on the social-web as an Indie web guy and extracting myself from being solely depended on the “walled gardens” of the big commercial platforms. I know I’m not going to toatlly be able to get away the corporate giants of social media, especially since that’s where the masses continue to hang out despite all of the negativity surrender the corporate controlled platforms.

Last thing I’ll say before I get back to putting my place back together, and that is, It’s likely to be a bit messy around here on my blog as play with and experiement with the various apps associated with the IndieWeb movement.


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