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What do you care about?

I’m prepping for an upcoming leadership symposium at Wright Hassall that I’m co-facilitating with the brilliant Andy Chandler. Rummaging through Steve Radcliffe’s book Leadership: Plain and Simple, I stumbled upon these two questions that Radcliffe says are essential to leadership:

What do you care about?


What do you want to lead for?

During my morning reflection time, I decided to tackle the first question: What do I care about and here’s what came out:

– I care about language and the power of words and images to move people
– I care about stories and the power of storytelling
– I care about freedom of choice
– I care about literature and music, books and knowledge and learning in 3D
– I care about wisdom and how we apply what we learn
– I care about creative self-expression
– I care about treating people with dignity and respect
– I care about influence

That’s me, now what do you care about?


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