Once you start to self-actualise you become a threat

Sex and drugs, two pathways to altering consciousness. Making aspects of them illegal to support an institutional agenda of subjugation is in effect a war on consciousness from the State. The State sees these as threats to its institutions and programs of control. 

Activist Conner Habib:

“Once you start to self-actualise by investigating your own consciousness you become a threat.”

I stumbled upon Mary Jane, a cannabis lifestyle blog edited by Mira Gonzales and owned by Snoop Dogg. Just one of those random things that happen at 5:30 in the morning. It showed up in my twitter feed (actually the podcast link showed up in my feed and in the spirit of discovery I pressed play and kept on listening to the end.)

It was interesting conversation between Mira, the host, and her guests activist Conner Habib and feminist professor Dr Heather Berg. Some of the perspective they shared on sex work, porn, and drug work I found intriguing, like this idea of exploring consciousness through sex and drugs as being a threat to the establishment’s money-making agenda. Sex sells is the common notion. But actually, it’s not sex that sells it’s the transference of the arousal brought on by looking at a sexy model standing next to an exploded image of beer that sells the beer.  Basically, the ad is beaming thoughts to your subconsciousness mind that you’re never gonna get the girl in the ad, but the feelings you’re feeling can be satisfied by drinking the beer. Or something like that.

Anyway, check out the episode. You can watch it here or listen to it on iTunes.

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