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Find Your Freedom

This week we explore the give and take of freedom. Are we really free and is the freedom we do have, balanced?

Audio Show Notes

[:15] Wu Wei update – Sarah’s going to try harder and Clay’s efforts to stop squashing his brain

[3:50] Sarah’s reflections on three kinds of freedom – financial, time and mental freedom

[4:43] Ways certain kinds of freedom can constraint other kinds of freedom

[6:30] Sarah’s novel – trading kinds of freedom for others, what it means in our messy lives

[10:02] Status Anxiety – Clay’s thoughts on the repercussions of our search for financial freedom

[11:25] What freedoms do you care about?

[15:20] Reflecting more deeply on mental freedom

[16:32] Clay discusses documentary on Tina Turner

[18:15] The difference between “Freedom from” vs. “Freedom for”

[20:15] Clay has his Matrix moment – are we really free?

[23:05] Freedom as being in the present moment

[33.55] Clay ponders the hive mind, Google and how connected we are

[35:15] How is Gen X getting along in this connected world

[37:05] Is the ultra-connected world a bad thing or full of opportunities

[41:15] Sarah reflects the difference between speaking to one and to many

[44:32] Clay’s efforts to use social media to connect with individuals rather than broadcasting messages to everyone

[45:45] the freedom of the web

[46:05] The inventor of the internet creates the web 3.0, freedom from algorithms and data mining

[50:03] Sarah & Clay get personal on financial, time and mental freedom – applying these things to your life

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