30 Day Contemplation Challenge

Ok, so we have this cool challenge starting up soon. I’d love for you to be a part of it.
Here are the details:
Don’t just settle for the same old New Year’s Resolutions. Do something FUN this year! Do something different.
Challenge yourself and two friends to start 2018 with a 30 Day Contemplation Challenge to bring a bit of inspiration and perspective to your life.
(Make this a resolution now by simply tapping here: http://eepurl.com/daeDxX)
This is a resolution that will GIVE you motivation rather than taking massive effort…that will help you recharge rather than drain you. Every day for 30 days a short email will arrive in your inbox with something to consider, some thought experiment that might shift your perspective, some idea that might hit you at just the right moment.
#ContemplateMore in 2018 by joining the 30 Day Contemplation Challenge. The more the merrier, so get a few friends involved too! (I promise it will be easier and much more fun than a Dry January or a diet!)
Tap here http://eepurl.com/daeDxX and then check your inbox starting January 1st

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