A visit to the Mountain Spirit

And here we go.  The mountain bug has bitten me (why it waits until it’s nearly winter to bite, I’m not sure).  Friday, on a whim, I decided I needed some mountain air.  It’s October and I’ve barely been out in the mountains at all this year.  I can throw out the usual excuse of not of time, but I hate that as an excuse.  Not to sound like a self-help guru or anything, but everybody has the same amount of time.  We all have time.  The only question is how you spend your time not whether you have time or not.  Don’t fight me on this because it’s true.  You have 24hrs. I have 24hrs. We all have 24hrs.  I haven’t been to the mountains because I didn’t have time, but because I didn’t want to spend minimum 6 hours driving to and from the closet decent mountains near me.  If I could scramble my atoms like they do in Star Trek, I would be in the mountains every single weekend.  But 6 hours in a car is another story.  I have a fix for that though which I’ll come on to later.

First watch this video I made of the journey to Cadair Idris:

I grabbed a few shots before the weather turned:

The wind was fierce at the top:

So the stuff that didn’t make it onto the tape was my inner journey stuff.  The summation of which is this: more poetry, more adventure – the adventure poet!  I often go to the mountains to seek spiritual guidance from the Mountain Spirit.  And as always the Mountain Spirit never disappoints.  My conclusions from this walk – the clarity I was seeking – was reconnecting with adventure (and making the travelling to and fro a part of the journey and adventure, which is to say have the adventure mindset from the time I leave the house until I return.  Doubling down on the poetry the reading and writing of.  And blogging and seeing where I can creatively take the platform despite blogging being dead if you are of a certain age (actually my research says that all ages have pretty much abandoned blogging in favour social networks, newsletters, and RSS feeds. I should add it’s not that people don’t read blogs, it’s that they don’t go to the blog/blogpost, they demand it come to them, either through their newsfeed from friends and social media influencers,  or curated apps  like Flippoard or Feedly.

So the gig is to combine all three passions into some sort of mashup accentuates them all.


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  1. Catherine K October 8, 2017 at 11:19 pm

    Stunning colors! Great photos. Glad you took the time, made the time.


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