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Before the lights go out

It was an evening of websites and Stranger Things. I’m burnt out on websites, both designing ‘em and surfing ‘em. I’m late the game with Stranger Things. A friend recommended I watch it ages ago and I’m just now getting around to doing so.

The series reminds of the old Twilight Zone when I was kid. Although Stranger Things is a continuous narrative, it has that odd worldly feel I felt whenever I watched an episode of The Twilight Zone. Remember the man with the third eye? That episode creeped my out for days. Just as this faceless creature from another dimension in Stranger Things is creeping me out.

The Duffer Brothers have done a superb job putting this series together. It’s a superb blend of sci-fi, investigative drama, and the supernatural. And the whole 80’s vibes is taking me down some nostalgic trips – the bicycle with the chopper handle bars, geeking out playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends, longing for the girl who doesn’t notice you, and the sacred friendship of your best pals.

And I’m happy to see Winona Ryder again. I haven’t lusted after her since Reality Bites. Still neurotic as hell, but looking good. I’d hate to be her character, seeing shit nobody else can see, having people stare at you like you have a couple of extra heads growing out of your neck.

I’m trying to make deadline right now, get this post in before it turns midnight. Oops. Time is not my friend tonight.  But before I go…

Have you ever had the desire to sell everything, by a camper van, and hit the open road, well that’s what Ben and Leah did Hasta Alaska 4 year overland adventure in a camper van. And the cool things is, they’re making the trip on less than $10 a day. If yesterday wasn’t enough to get my itchy feet going, this project certainly will.

I hear the open road calling me.




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