Nested loops and misplaced priorities

Wanda woke me up at 5am. Nothing like a set of claws digging into your chin to get your Monday morning started. I stumble downstairs and get the coffee on. It’s meant to be my reading period, but my computer keeps calling me. This happens whenever I start building a new website. Once I start, I find it hard to stop until I’ve finished. It’s even worse when there is a problem with the site like there is with this one. I was installing plugins last night and got kicked out of the admin page and can’t get back in. I thought letting it sit overnight might solve it. Of course it didn’t, so now I have this unsolved problem gnawing in brain and that’s going to make it hard for me to do anything else today. It’s 06:30 now. I can probably salvage 30 minutes of reading time. I reach for Smile, You’re Traveling. Rollins should snap me out of my nested loop.

Someone asked me in an email If I had an unlimited amount of time and money, what would I do with it?

I would walk the earth like Caine in Kung Fu.

I would simply want to see as much of the world as I physically could. And I would travel very simply carrying everything on my back like I did when I was an infantryman. I would stay in simple places, eat simple food and meet the locals of every place I visited. Live amongst them like Bruce Parry did in Tribes.


This post is coming to you the morning after.  I got my priorities all mixed up last night. That is to say, I got caught up in The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead last night.  Only 3 episodes left in this current season, so more main character deaths should be on the way.  I wonder who.

In the mean-time, our new guest is settling in well.

Feeding time for our new guest. | #tortoise #video

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