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Luck’s Plaything

Ponder this statement from writer Stuart Jeffries on reviewing Creating Freedom by Raoul Martinez which apparently is the must read text of this yea for thinking radicals:
“In a sense, we are all Johns, luck’s playthings, doomed by our genes and our upbringings to be sinners, saints, have nots or have yachts, or, most likely, bumblers in a world we didn’t create and can’t imagine mastering.”
Raoul’s book advances the argument of free will versus determinism (so I either posted this of my own free will or because of the way my brain is wired, I had no choice but to respond and post this note).
I’m thinking that maybe there’s something to the determinist’s argument especially when I consider how spookily accurate the algorithms of Facebook, Amazon, and Google are in predicting what we’ll do before we even know ourselves what we’re going to do!
What do you think?

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