I’m a human hamster, that’s what life-logging taught me

As some of you may or may not know, I started dabbling in the Quantified Self movement and tracking many of my activities throughout the course of a day. I ran the experiment for several months. My biggest take away was how much of a human hamster I am, and I suspect most of us are. That is, our lives on any given day is essentially interchangeably with any other day.

Same shit, different day comes to mind.

Yeah sure, there are nuances to any given day, and some days something totally out of left field happens, but mostly our days are the same.

Yeah, yeah even if you live a life of adventure, if you do it every day for enough days, it becomes the same. Trust me. I’ve spent many days out in the field and after a while one tree begins to look just like the next tree.

That isn’t necessarily to say that my life or your life is boring. It could be as exciting as Hell, but the sun will rise and the sun will set just the same. You will no doubt see most of the same people each day, drive the same car or catch the same bus, wear the same-ish clothes, eat the same-ish food etc.

There’s a sameness to our day that we can’t escape.

There I go again, getting sidetracked.

I’m suppose to be sharing some Quantified Self data with you. Particular the gym, because I kept up with the tracking after I finished the experiment .

Gym Hero Pro is my app of choice for tracking my weightlifting activity. I do believe you can connect it with RunKepper now for you running freaks.

I started using the app at the tail end of 2015, so the year on year improvement stats are not useful. I’m more interested in the 2016 tonnage and reps per exercises:





Tracking my gym activity was ok because I only had to do it once a day. The life-logging on the hand got a bit tedious tracking every thing. I think if I start again, which I might do come January 1st, I’ll only track those things that can be done with ‘always on’ technology and can happen in the background to what I do like my Garmin smartwatch does and apps like Moves or Momento (which pulls from your social media feeds).

Plus. I’ll continue to do some old school tracking in my journals.

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