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Saunas Help Your Brain

OK men, add a daily trip to the sauna to your goal list for 2017.

A new long-term study out of Finland found that the more frequently men chilled in a sauna, the less likely they were to develop Alzheimer’s.

I don’t think you “chill” in a sauna, but we know they mean.

After controlling for lots of things — age, alcohol, smoking, diabetes, resting heart rate, body mass index, and the like — the analysis found that the dudes who bathed in saunas four to seven times a week had a 65 percent lower risk of Alzheimer’s and a 66 percent lower risk of dementia compared to those who went just once a week.

Finnish fun facts:

99 percent of Finns sauna at least weekly, the BBC reports, and there are 3.3 million saunas in the country of 5.3 million people. It’s been a part of Finnish culture for thousands of years, and sauna is the only Finnish word to be loaned to English.

I’ll be upping my sauna game in 2017.


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