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A southern soul searcher, a northern agitator and the girl from outer space

Meet Katalina Kicks, an awesome 3-piece rock band out of London.  I say London, but actually London is just the city that drew them together, hence the title – a southern soul searcher, a northern agitator and the girl from outer space (well, Brazil to be exact).

I love these guys.  I first heard them play at the All About the Music battle of the bands competition in Leamington Spa, an event organised by a friend of mine – Dermot O’Flynn.

And then on Friday, I saw them play at the Musicians Against Homelessness event at the Zephyr Lounge in Leamington Spa:

(note: excuse the wonkiness of this Periscope video.  I don’t use it very often, so it took me a couple of seconds to get orientated)

If you were wondering about the name of the song in the intro video, it’s called “Guns”.  It’s a fabulous song and one with a strong message.  Have a listen:

Here is Katalina Kicks at the Musicians Against Homelessness gig:



Katalina Kicks are: Ian George (vocals/guitar), Nadia Silverstone (bass/backing vox), Jase Wilkinson (drums/backing vox)

You can check out the full set of photos here.

Before I sign off from this post have a listen to another one of my favourite Katalina Kicks track:

And finally head on over to their website and checkout some of their other tunes and videos. Let me know which is your favourite track.


P.S.  I know folks don’t buy music anymore, but why not help an independent band out and for far less than a cup of coffee:




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