What I’ve been listening to this week

The weeks are rolling by fast.  I saw someone post yesterday that we’re now into the hundredth day countdown to Christmas! Dude, where did the year go?! Where did time go? Today I’m taking my daughter off to her first year of university and my son has started his last year of university!

I was thinking a lot about life yesterday (I guess having two kids in university does that to you).  And the question that I settled on was ‘what if there is no afterlife or reincarnation?’  What if this is it? And when we’re gone, we’re gone.

If that’s the case, then I want to go do this now:


(via Leap of faith)

I want to base jump and whole lot of other crazy stuff because as Kurgan said:

And on that note, here are the tunes I’ve been listening to this week:


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