When there is no concern

Today’s wisdom is from the Chinese philosopher, Wu Hsin.

The greatest enjoyment is experienced when there is no concern for its duration.

Be in the moment. Enjoy what it is you’re doing without trying to hold on to it or make it last longer or wondering when it’s going to end. A good example of this is when we’re on holiday. We’re loving it and then we inevitably say something like ‘Why can’t life be like this all the time.’ Or as we get midway through the holiday, and coming back home starts to loom on the horizon, we start wishing the holiday didn’t have to end. Instead of doing all that, do as Wu Hsin says and just enjoy the experience without any thought about how long it will last.

When there is indifference to outcomes, one is willing to work with less than ideal means and postponement is avoided.

This bit is hard. We seem forever attached to outcomes. This often translates to hesitation. We hesitate to do something different for fear that it might not turn out well. We hesitate to standup and have our voices heard for fear of sounding foolish. We want all the conditions to be perfect before we begin a new venture, start a new project, pursue a dream or whatever. All because we are attached to the outcome. Better to do as Wu Hsin says and be indifferent to the outcome. What will be will be. Instead focus on what is under your control and disregard the rest. Do your best and the let the outcome take of itself.

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