some thoughts to consider

Here are some thoughts to consider when you sit down to reflect on 2010 and start making your plans/goals/resolutions for 2011:

“While others were hiding last year, new products were launched, new subscriptions were sold and new companies came into being. While they were laying low, websites got new traffic, organizations grew, and contracts were signed. While they were stuck, money was being lent, star employees were hired and trust was built. Most of all, art got created.” – Seth Godin (you can read the full text here)

If there’s some stuff you wanted to do in 2010, but didn’t do it for whatever reason, remember someone out there did do it and they probably faced similar challenges to yourself, but they soldiered on anyway. I know I’m guilty of letting bullshit reasons get in my way. It’s easy to do because the reasons always sound so convincing. But what it really comes down to is this:

How bad do you really want it?

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