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born again

Born again.

I was tired of this life and decided to create another, in Second Life of course. Like a scene out of the Terminator, I materialise into an all white room.  I am naked.  A woman materialises next to me.  She is naked.  We are Adam and Eve.  Or in this case Clay187 and Whitelake.  I ask her if this is Heaven.  She is to concerned with her naked body to reply.  I have been reborn a biker rock-star dude with spiky hair. My dress code is all black leather.

The gods of Second Life have left a set of instructions on big billboards.  Six steps to a new life.  First learn how to walk.  Next learn how to zoom in.  And you have to learn how to sit in case you get tired of walking around this vast virtual world.  It’s a new world, how do you find your way around? With a map of course and in this new world I can teleport from town to town, island to island, country to country.  And when exploring a place, why walk when you can fly.  The Second Life gods are cool.  Man can fly.

Six steps complete.  I fly off into a brave new world.

I meet my first friend in this new life, TheFallenPrince from Middlesex.  If any of you dear readers are roaming around the world of Second Life, look me up.  I am Clay187.


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