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scratching my head

I am trying to figure out how we, as individuals, benefit when a government cuts valuable programs that serve children, education, and the old and at the same time raises taxes.  Short term pain?  Long term gain?  What is the long term gain and how will it make me and my family better off?  If you cut 250, 000 jobs, where do those people go?  What do they and their families do?

“Short term pain…” ha I think King said it best while shoveling shit in the movie Platoon: “You gotta be rich to think like that in the first place…”

I guess this will round out my British experience.  This will be the first time I have lived under a conservative (with a splash of lib dem) government.

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The new coalition government is proposing to cut child benefit, the child and working tax credit, statutory maternity pay, the winter fuel allowance, and concessionary bus fare, yet the new governments seems happy to continue having the taxpayers pay for NHS executives to keep their prestige Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Audi, and Lexus company cars at cost of millions of pounds to the taxpayer. What message am I suppose to take from this?

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what’s the rush?

He’s not a policeman. He’s not a fireman. He’s not an emergency medic. It’s 6:00am. There is no traffic. The light I’m waiting for turns green. He runs his red light. I have to break to keep from crashing into him. He put two lives in danger for the sake of 2 minute. I wonder if the 2 minutes he saved worth the risk. What will that 2 minutes buy him today? And will it be worth two lives?

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