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things that make you go hmmm

Marc and Angel of Hack Life fame, have created a new website called Makes Me Think.  If you are looking for a change in perspective about life, it’s worth a visit.  Most of the entries, a sampling of which I’ve included below, really make you go hmmm.

“Today, at my grandmother’s funeral, I met the guy that volunteered as her fulltime caretaker during the last few months of her life. He knew more about her than I ever did. And as he shared my grandmother’s stories, I couldn’t help but wish that I had been there to experience some of these stories with her.”

“Today, my boss told me ‘If you wouldn’t stake your life on the quality of your work, you shouldn’t even bother.’”

“Today, I dropped my mom off at work. She had a government job for 18 years, but lost it due to health issues and now works as a fork lift driver 12 hours a day. At home she takes care of her elderly mother. I asked her, “Where do you find the strength to keep going?” She hugged me and responded, ‘My family’.”

“Today, I saw a man in a business suit sleeping at a table in Starbucks with several ‘help wanted’ ads spread out in front of him.”

“Today, I overheard one of my two coworkers teasing the other for riding the bus to work and choosing not to drive his car. I later overheard a coworker dealing with a credit collector who was asking for a payment. It wasn’t the one who rode the bus.”

“Today, after being insulted by a guy I work with, I walked out of the office with a heavy heart only to find a note card on my car’s windshield. It was from my ex-boyfriend of 2 years who is simply my best friend now. It said, “Would it be okay if I sorta had a little crush on you forever?” ”

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