macbook nano

I have resisted the netbook revolution for as long as could, but this weekend I finally caved.  I like the idea of the netbook, light, ultra-portable, does what I need it to do, which is mainly emailing, blogging, and surfing the net for random things.  My main resistance has been not wanting to fool about with Windows again or to get to involved with Linux, and since Apple has been adamant about not joining the netbook revolution, I have resigned myself lugging my macbook around everywhere I go.

Until now…

I discovered that it was possible to ‘hackintosh’ a netbook, which is to say, I could replace the existing operating system with OS X.  And so I bought the Acer One Aspire 110.  I wanted the Dell Mini 9, but couldn’t get the 16GB SSD version for a justifiable price.  I spent some time over the weekend gathering the various hacks I would need to pull this off.  Hopefully by the end of the week I will have my very own ‘macbook nano.’

I am down south again this week finishing the last week of my current project before taking a couple of weeks off to explore a couple of places I have not been to yet.

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