Got my Lucky Strikes and Jesus doll
Pinup girl in yellow shorts pouts love
Through lips red as the dawn sky on
The fourth of July, I’m ready to roll

Cowboy hat no Texan to stand Jack
Daniels and Coke drank separate like
a man, I hitch a ride south on ninety nine
Door opens and slams

Yellow convertible, white walled tires
Saxophone screaming from the radio
Flamingo dancer hangs from the rear
View mirror dancing in the wind, a

Floating angel desperate to land a pair
Of aces so her luck will turn and she can
Sip champagne on the Geyhound headed
East to see the Jersey Shore her home

The Boss made famous in a song and she
Longs to feel the eyes walk all over her
As she struts across the sand sporting her
West Coast tan

A train about to take the underpass, gives
A warning whistle, the saxophone dies
Slowly drifting into the desert night, I tip my
Head back, light another cigarette and sigh

Another page churned, another love spurned
Bloodstained keys lay to rest, eager to feel
The pounding of fingertips, the caress of flesh
A soul laid bare on white sheets

The touch of a woman’s hand on my shoulder
Beckons, the night awaits, saxophone echoes
From the rooftops, the city moans;

She moans.

I moan.

We moan.


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