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stand together

The soldiers tossed the chicken
Bones, they didn’t like his politics.
Strung him up on a cross and
Gambled for his ragged clothes.

Cancel the Second Coming,
The church has decreed, no
Heroic figure can save us
From our avarice, lust, and greed.

The twisted logic of confrontation
And violence are meant to be
Suffered in silence, let the ruthless
Gain at the expense of the poor,
It’s what free markets were designed for.

The bishop takes the podium:
“Stand together,” he shouts, “Or
We shall all hang separately in an
Economic bubble we can’t sustain.”

A dictator disposed in the gallows,
They didn’t like his politics.
Strung a noose around his neck
Streamed his pictures across the Internet.

A mobile phone exposes the insanity
Of our tricked out humanity, evolved.


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