no heat

Jack Frost is biting hard today.  Our boiler is broke.  I have called eon 3 times.  The first call was 8pm last night.  Three times, three different call reps, each have started our conversation with, “My system is down at the moment.  Can I take your details and arrange to have the planning team call you back.”  I called again at 8am.  The call rep assured me someone would call me before noon.  They didn’t.  I called at 12.45.  The rep I spoke to in the morning was not at his desk.  The new rep tells me her system is down.  She takes my number.  She calls me back in 20 minutes.  She says that the planning team have no capacity to ring me at the moment, which means they cannot make an appointment for me yet for someone to come and fix our boiler.  She reminds me that they are open until 8pm.  Someone should call before then.  Have a nice day.  Meanwhile, we have no heat and no hot water.  At what point do I get to become an irate customer and call back and wreak havoc?


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