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$passion: cha ching

Does finding your life path mean you then need to put a price tag on it and sell it to other people? That seems to be the trend.  And then these same people get disillusioned when they find that nobody wants to buy their ˜passion.” People in the helping industry (coaching, therapy, alternative medicine, holistic whatever) seem to be most prone to this.  How many times have you heard, ˜I am passionate about helping people?”  I wonder if these folks have stopped to ask the question, ˜do people want to be helped?”  I think the advertising and media machine would have us believe so.  Just take a walk down any magazine aisle and read the headlines.  I personally don’t think people want to be helped.  They like to self-destruct, which is why we are so good at it.

Pursue your passion for the sake of it.  If people want to buy it, that’s fine.  But if you want to sell it, you’ll find you’ll have to become a whole other animal to sell well.


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