enlightenment and burgers

I had lunch with my friend Beth of Mosaic fame. I haven’t seen her for months. Yesterday I texted her and when ended up getting into a lively discussion about the merits or demerits of living a green, healthy, spiritually rich life and what is the nature of good energy and bad energy, and past life regression. The conversation was so engaging that it spilled over into lunch today. I mainly took a contrarian view to most everything Beth had to say, which what I am inclined to do when I am a dark mood like I’ve been for the past couple of days. I won’t go into great detail right now, one because I am still digesting some of our discussion and two because it’s Friday evening and time to let my non-existing hair down. But to give you a flavor of our good cop bad cop discussion she explained the whole green ideology to me and I countered with the fact that nature is a sadomasochistic whore and doesn’t give a damn about us. So this whole green nonsense is really about saving humanity, not saving the planet. Nature will take care of herself, destroy us on a whim, and be here long after we are gone. And so the rest of the afternoon went.

Somewhere between bites of my beef burger, we got to talking about the third eye. I asked Beth what she saw in my third eye. She said she saw a golden light – a good light. I countered that it was a bad light that was spreading out like a plague amongst men. I asked her what else she saw. She said she saw in me that I was weary, downbeat, and restless. She was 100% accurate. As we were examining my spirit, I asked her how would she normally describe me if she were describing me to someone who didn’t know me. And she came up with: intense, philosophical, knowledgeable about life, flaky, and unreliable (as in I float in and out of people’s lives very whimsically. Apparently she had collaborated this idea with a mutual friend of ours who described me as being totally engaged one day and then disappearing in a white cloud the next day, not to be heard from for days, weeks, months etc). Again I would have to say she was 100% accurate on this account. I was happy to receive this feedback. I think it’s helpful for personal growth to see how others see you. Of course there’s always the danger that they are projecting their stuff onto.

A very enlightening lunch.

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  1. tim clague June 9, 2008 at 12:03 pm

    drifting in and out like a cloud – thats what I like about you Clay.


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