Musings · May 15, 2008 1

crazy in time

I’ve been on the move essentially since I’ve been back from Poland. I had a day and bit off and then I had to pack my suitcase and hit the road again for a few days to deliver another leadership course. My blogging has slowed down a bit mainly from being on the move, but also because I have been spending my spare time editing my book of little essays. I want to get the puppy finished as soon as possible. I have so many ideas stacked up on each other. They are taking up too much space in my head. I need to get them out.

Something that I have done in the past few weeks is return to two of my favorite past times, which are music and movies. I bought a decent pair of headphones that have brought my listening pleasure to whole new height. And I joined I love film and have watched some classic films like Annie Hall, Manhattan, The Verdict, Kramer versus Kramer and the Seventh Seal.

Tomorrow I’m in Birmingham in the morning to meet an old friend who wants me to speak at one of her functions. I’m excited about that because one of my goals this year is do more public speaking. I’ve only done a couple of speaking gigs this year so far. I want to do more. So if you know anyone who?s looking for speakers, please let me know.

That’s all for now.


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