In a couple of hours I leave for Poland. It is our annual pilgrimage to Posnan to run a series of workshops for the Negotiation Days conference. I like Posnan. The very first time I went to Posnan, I did so under arms. Well not hostile, but as a soldier none the less. That was many moons ago. The place has change significantly. There is a young up and coming progressive feel about Posnan. It?s a city that wants to be a player.

I will be bringing the MacBook along and will take advantage of WiFi and do a couple of post from the road. That is, of course, if I don?t get sidetracked by the Polish beer.

Oh yes, and I am trying out something different. I am writing this post in MacJournal. One of the cool features of MacJournal is you can write your journal entry and then post it from within the program, which I am getting ready to test in a moment. There is also a audio entry and video entry. But let?s first see if I can post words before I start with the fancy stuff.

Here we go…(yeah! It worked).



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