I am all men and no man
floating through space and time
looking to connect with those

Who want to connect, to know
another human being in this
soul sucking society we call civilization

Gone are the shackles
but slaves we still are

How clever, do you deny it?
I deny it everyday
but the fact remains

I am a slave who wants to be free
free to know you, free to know me
free to be who I want to be not

Like the men on TV
or like my father
or my father’s father


What do you know about freedom?
I once fought for freedom
sacrificed myself so you could be

who you want to be
yet you still choose to be a victim
a slave to the system, like me

you let the beauty of the day
pass by your way without a smile
when did you last see the colours

of the rainbow mixed in a bowl
mingled with your soul and my soul
fragile and tender

I long to be you; I long to be me
our destinies intertwined,
laced with co-dependency

Our names whispered in the wind
written on a half forgotten dawn
I’d like to know you, be you, be me

Our souls dancing naked in the wind
naked and free to dance
through eternity


  1. rawdawgbuffalo April 25, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    our names whispered in the wind,

    man u the tuth

    and love the image


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