values in view

This year I have been doing a lot of work with leaders on leadership. One of the core principles of leadership is around values and creating shared values with the teams you lead. We don’t often think about our values or articulate them. We know intrinsically when something we value is threatened, but when asked what our values are, most people hem and haw and struggle to articulate precisely what they value. I think having a strong sense of what your values are helps you to live on purpose as oppose to haphazardly being blown from one thing to the next. As Alexander Hamilton said, “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”

I thought I’d share with you my values, which I have organized around 3 core principles:

Treat people with dignity and respect. supporting values: honesty, fairness, compassion, and humility.

Take personal responsibility for my actions and my attitide. supporting values: individualism, self-improvement, self-development, discipline, and risk-taking.

Operate in a spirit of togetherness. supporting values: family and community.
I have these written in the cover of my notebook so that I can reflect on them daily.

What are your values?

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