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sleeping beauty (ok maybe beauty is pushing it)

I’ve spent the last 3 nights in The Selfridge.

Hotel rooms make me incredibly sleepy.  Like a bear, I go into hibernation the moment I crawl underneath the sheets of a strange bed.  I just want to sleep and sleep and sleep.  Unlike at home where I sleep on average only 5 hours a night and am up before the sun most mornings, including the weekend.

I read an article that said men sleep better alone.  Perhaps I am a testament to this premise.


London is truly a diverse cultural experience.  I know it’s sad, but of all the restaurants I could have eaten at in London last night, I chose to dine on the fine cuisine of a Big Mac and large fries.  The truth is I really wasn’t in the mood for a proper sit down meal.  Anyway, I say London is truly diverse because while sitting in the downstairs eating area, I couldn’t help but noticed that there was very little English being spoken.  In fact, if you were to close your eyes, you wouldn’t be able to tell what country you were in.


Success is a choice, not a lottery.


And just in case you wanted to know:

Ontology is the study of conceptions of reality and the nature of being.  But what is real right?