the west point way of leadership

I read the West Point Way of Leadership by Colonel Larry Donnithorne.  There were only a few useful nuggets in the book.  Most of it was a pep rally advocacy for West Point.  I am a West Pointer, so on the one hand the pep rally stuff is OK for an insider, but for useful leadership material to an outsider, it’s pretty weak.  I can’t believe the publishers tried to equate the book with the same level of importance as Sun Tzu.

I did like the prayer the other mentioned that one of classmates carries around in his wallet:

Care more than others think is wise
Risk more than others think is safe
Dream more than others think is practical
Expect more than others think is possible

All this reading on leadership has made me re-realise the importance of leadership in every day life or even leadership as a lifestyle and that even in my role as father I am a leader and need to act accordingly. I am the pack leader.

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