american girl

I wonder if this
girl will ever
shut up.  She’s been
talking non-stop
on our flight
up to Glasgow

The sound of the
propeller prop turning
cannot compete with
her high pitched squeal
and moaning

She’s going on about
How the British
pronounce “Worcester”
and drive on the left
How they put milk
in their tea and call
their pants trousers
and cigarettes fags
How they speed down
the highway on a cold
sunny day with the top
down on the convertible
wrapped in their coats,
scarves and earmuffs
How they sit on the beach
in June with windbreaks
and jumpers on turning
their noses up at the rain

I’d like to stuff
a sock in her
mouth, or maybe a _____.
But that would be
rude and a little crude
even for her.  Besides
which she’d probably
keep talking and later
pick me from her teeth.

So I best keep
my sock and
my _____ to myself
and pray the landing
gear works.


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